Are Spiders Taking Over Your Construction Site?

Schedule spider control services in the Lewisville, TX area

Spiders often invade construction sites due to trees and bushes being cut down. Luckily, Lewisville Pest Control offers spider control services in the Lewisville, TX area. Our team will get rid of any spiders we find on your property and set sticky traps to prevent future infestations.

Stop spiders in their tracks by arranging for spider control services. Schedule an appointment by calling us at 469-951-0027 today. We're standing by to help.

We'll also take care of scorpion infestations

Keep your family safe with scorpion control services. You can count on our pest control specialist to:

  • Inspect doorways and window seals for cracks or openings
  • Remove spiderwebs and spray your yard
  • Set out glue traps in strategic locations

Don't let scorpions become a problem at your house. Make an appointment for scorpion control services today.